Home loan for B-khata property

Home loan for the B-khata property: What is the difference between A-Khata and B-Khata?

Looking for a property in Bangalore as a loan advisor of Home loan for B-khata property, let’s know some special terms that you have to know about “The A-Khata as well as B-khata”.

Home loan for B-khata property

So, looking for a Home loan for B-khata property, let’s discuss what is B-khata and A-khata.

Khata is a mandatory paper works that own by property owners in Bangalore. Furthermore, It’s a document certified and issued by Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), the municipal corporation of Bangalore properties that comes under this control. Khata is an evidence for the property that shows the tax has been paid over the property owned. 

The Property owner in Bangalore requires maintaining a khata certificate to do any further legal action dealing with the property. Similarly, having a khata does not mean that you have the ownership of the property in whose name the khata is registered.

How A-Khata and B-Khata came into existence?

The A-Khata and B-khata show the 2 types of khata that come under the Bangalore municipality. The Khata came into existence in the year 2007 after BBMP came into existence. It simply explains the collection of property taxes in Bangalore. It was introduced to improve the property tax collection.

To collect taxes the BBMP classifies the taxes into A-Khatas and B-khatas. A-khata contains the list of fully legal properties in Bangalore. The second one is the B-khata, it contains a list of illegal or semi-legal properties in Bangalore.

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A-Khata certificate (Home loan for A-khata property)

A-khata document shows that the tax of the property has been paid by the owner to BBMP. As well as, it also shows that property is built by following all laws and rules of government regarding the property in Bangalore.

This document enables property owners to apply for building licenses, trade license, avail home loan for A-khata property and building plan approvals. As well as, this certificate requires any kind of financial transaction involving the property.

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B-Khata certificate (Home loan for B-khata property)

B-khata certificate shows that the property is illegal or in some violation of government rules for property in Bangalore. BBMP holds authorization to collect taxes from the buildings constructed illegally, as well as buildings that are constructed by violating laws, constructions on revenue land, unauthorized property layout,  partially completed buildings, etc. All such properties come under the list of B-khata. 

Owners having a B-khata certificate restricts from applying for a license from the government. In any way, the B-khata document does not restrict the owner in the selling property.

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Benefits of owning an A Khata property

In an A khata property, the owner is been provided with all freedom to carry out the construction on-site by following the rules. As well as, as per the choice of the owner, the owner can either use for a commercial or residential construction purpose. The A khata certificate can be used to avail loans from banks easily or from any other financial institution. Thus, A-Khata Certificate is considered as a genuine document. As well as, the owner can make a transaction on the property such as resell, transfer ownership, etc. 

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Comparison between A-Khata and B-Khata properties (Home loan for B-khata property)

While comparing both the A and B Khatas there are lots of differences, let discuss some of the major differences.

  • A-Khata property owners avail amenities like water, electricity etc easily whereas the owner of B-khata cannot avail the same.
  • A-khata property owners easily avail loans from banks or any other financial institutions with regards to their property while B khata property owners cannot avail the same.
  • Trade license avails easily by A-khata property owners but B-khata remains to restrict for the same.
  • In both cases, landowners pay their tax on their property but the government only considers A khata properties as legal while B khata properties considers being illegal or partially legal.

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How to change B-khata to A-khata?

B-khata properties may have a very little issue to be converted to A-khata. So, the owner of the B-khata property can convert A-khata by following certain rules and steps.

Home loan for B-khata property

Few steps that you can follow to obtain A-khata certificate –

  1. Change the land from agricultural to non-agricultural use by providing a request to District commission for conversion.
  2. Pay all property taxes due on the property.
  3. Buy khata form from Bangalore municipality and fill the form with details necessary.
  4. Once the form is filled, submit it with all required documents.
  5. Last but not the least, pay BBMP betterment charges, this is a charge taken for converting the B-khata to A-khata and submit the form along with tax receipts and requires other documents of the Assistant revenue office of their authorized area. 

Relevant documents to obtain A-khata certificate

Home loan for B-khata property

If you own a B-khata property and want to convert your property B-khata to A-khata, do bring following documents –

  • A title deed as well as a deed of sale
  • Copy of tax receipts that you have paid previously for the property.
  • Order of District commission for the conversion of land from agricultural to non-agricultural use.
  • Proof of any other expenses made for the property.
  • Occupancy certificate
  • The blueprint showing the exact location of the property.
  • The agreement that shows the property size and also other specifications of the property
  • Any other document that requires for the conversion

Mostly A khata document is issued within a period of 4 to 6 weeks after the submission of all relevant documents.

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